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MaoKung English-Khmer Translation Service in Cambodia

I am Serving You the Accuracy both of Translation and Interpretation Offerings from and to Khmer(Cambodian) and English based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia within Professional High Ethic Manners of Confidentiality for clients.

Plus the headsets and boot for rent are also available now !

English to Khmer and vice versa Translation and Interpreting Services. Please click Like on my Page of Facebook so that you can follow more information updates.

My name is Mao Kung. I am serving as English to Khmer Freelance Translator and Interpreter namely MaoKung English from and to Khmer Translation Services. You are searching for the rightful translator and interpreter from English to Khmer and vice-versa in Cambodia and I am here to meet the needs of Khmer and English Translation and Interpreting in Cambodia operation of specializations which I offer are project cycle management, community development,education, democracy, human rights, health,road safety, climate change, disaster management, gender equality, water resources, waste management, agriculture, training, strategic planning, project development, research methodology and approach, simultaneous and consecutive interpretations are available for meeting,conference and workshop and I have been serving for many clients including Local and International NGOs, ASEAN Forums, UNICEF, UN-Women, Help Age International, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), German international cooperation (GIZ),the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, project of Asia Development Bank (ADB), project of the World Bank, U.S Navy(U.S embassy), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Konrad Adenoer Stiftung,the Ministry of Planning, the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), National Committee for Disaster Management, National Assembly of Cambodia, the Ministry of Water Resource and Meteorology, the Anti-Corruption Unit, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Senate, the municipal court, UNDP and so on..., and general documents
Please feel free to contact me in person for further information concerning my services from English to Khmer and vice versa. I am a trusted translator, so I guarantee you to provide the Khmer and English accurate translation/interpreting without losing any contexts or meaning. I would keep translation confidentially within my high professional ethics, what I serve is to build the trust for services, customer-based care and quality which I try my best effort in the creation. Let me serve and assist to communicate for your business focused on English from and to Khmer translation and interpreting in Cambodia. Please feel free to contact with me by (855)-11 684 658/ (855)-92 463 670, and

For many years ago within experiences working based on translation with international organizations and other development agencies of the embassy in Phnom Penh, I have been serving for my great deal of clients. I am available at other provinces or abroad for oral translation as well.

What is Conference Interpreting?
There are two types of conference interpreting:  consecutive and simultaneous.
  • In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter listens to the speaker, takes notes and renders the speech in the target language once the speaker has finished.
  • In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter sits in a booth overlooking the meeting room.  The speeches given are interpreted simultaneously and relayed to delegates by means of the sound equipment
A Brief History of Simultaneous Interpretation
Although most people think of the Nuremburg Trials after World War II as the birth of simultaneous interpretation (English, French, Russian, and German), in fact, the concept of simultaneous interpretation was born in the US and existed for some time before there was any large-scale demand for it.

As early as 1924, Edward Filene, the Boston capitalist and social reformer, sponsored the use of simultaneous interpretation during entire official meetings of the International Labor Organization, and for more languages than the four used in Nuremberg.  His goal was to find an alternative to consecutive conference interpretation.

The Nuremberg Trials, although not the first example of simultaneous interpretation, did have radical consequences for the profession.

At that time, consecutive interpretation, which had been in use since the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, was the standard at international gatherings, such as at meetings of the League of Nations in Geneva, where English and French were used.

The Nuremberg trials changed all that. 
Knowledge Required by a Conference Interpreter:
  • complete mastery of the active (target) language(s), i.e. the language(s) into which the interpreter works;
  • in-depth knowledge of the passive (source) languages, i.e. languages from which the interpreter works;
  • university degree or equivalent;
  • sound general knowledge and understanding of current affairs.
Aptitudes Required by a Conference Interpreter:
  • ability to analyze and construe facts; intuition;
  • speed of reaction and ability to adapt without delay to speakers, situations and subjects;
  • powers of concentration;
  • above average physical and nervous staying-power;
  • pleasant voice and public-speaking skills;
  • high degree of intellectual curiosity;
  • intellectual integrity;
  • tact and diplomacy

Importance of Translation and Interpreter Services on Business Trips
In the current situation the markets are globalized and industrial people do business in different countries destroying all the borders of national and geographical boundaries. However there are still some factors which hinder the smooth flow of business. One of the major problems is the language. Billions of people speak thousands of languages, it is estimated that at present more than 4000 languages are in use. It is impossible for any person or a firm to master all these languages. But they should provide their products and service in the local language of the customer.

Here the translation agencies that provide professional Interpreter and translation services come into play. The translation and interpreting services are more critical if you are on a business trip to foreign countries to meet your client or for any other official matters. This article gives you the insight of the importance of translation and interpreter services on business trips.

• The main reason for using the interpreter service is to enable you to communicate in languages that you are not compatible with. On business trip you badly need such service. It is mainly because you have to respond to your client or other officials in their language and understand what they speak. You shouldn’t expect them to communicate in English or your native language. Customers should always feel that they are valued and respected. If they feel difficult to communicate with you then you are going to lose your customer. The interpreter can bridge this gap and can help you to grow your business.

• Escorting is another great advantage of using interpreter and translation services of the professional agency. These professional translation agencies apart from providing interpreter service they also offer escort service to you. They will send a representative to receive you at the airport and will stay with you until your job is completed.

It is really good to have someone help you to talk with the hostess at the reception in a hotel, talk with a local person and other similar tasks because your client isn’t the only person with whom you are going to communicate in your business trip.

• As usual in business you can hire interpreters in varied range of budget. If you can’t afford an expensive interpreter service then you can choose a cheaper one because unlike the translation service only the native persons provide the interpreter service. So, you can rely on them if they have somewhat good knowledge in English or whatever is the language of your choice. But you should take more care in choosing your interpreter if you are going to sign any legal document or anything which may cause devastating effect if something goes wrong. Usually people do business trip to sign up new agreement or renew them. So, in such cases you need a very reliable and ethical person as your interpreter because in some countries legal documents are accepted only in their native language, so you can’t read the document in international language (English) or your native language. You are totally dependent on what your interpreter translates to you. So, you have to choose a well reputed and experienced interpreter without caring too much about the money. Usually the interpreters charge heavily for translating legal document but it is worth the money.

All the above suggestions help you to understand the importance of using translation and interpreter services on your business trip. So, do follow them carefully in order to successfully establish your business around the globe.

Contact freelance translator/ interpreter English to Khmer and vice versa based in Cambodia focused on Social Development., 011 684658 and 092 463670

An Overview on the Role of a Professional Translation Agency
The industry of translation is growing rapidly. The domain of international translation services is being highly influenced by the effects of globalization. The translation and interpretation services are one of those services which are much in demand currently. The reason for the craving of good and professional translation services has been augmented due to the following reasons:

1. Development of international business and commerce.
2. Effects of Globalization.
3. Development in the tourism business.
4. Student's migration.
5. Seeking foreign jobs.
6. Moving around for medical treatment.
7. Augmentation of online business.

There are few more reasons why the market of translation service is going so high nowadays. Some websites also offer free translation services to attract clients and it increases the success rate of this service automatically. Though they don't give the full service at free of cost, still a good trick to pull clients is to offer free service initially.

The market of international translation services is so huge that becoming a professional translator is very tough. Having good command over two or three languages is not enough while entering into the zone of professional translation. One must have some specialized knowledge to become successful in this field. Suppose you know English and French very well and want to enter into the industry of English to French translation services; but it may not be enough qualification to do that. You may need to know a special subject; it may be law, medicine or finance or may be media study, but that special knowledge can give you a much paid job and high reputation in the industry of international translation services. Suppose you are in the Japanese translation services and along with these two languages you have a good knowledge on the legal system of Japan; that will definitely upgrade your position as a translator.

That is why the translation service providing companies are searching for translators who have a good knowledge on a specialized zone. Therefore, people with any specialized degree and an interest in translation job with good command over the respective languages are being welcomed in this industry.
Big business houses with internationally extended business line are hiring their own in house translators to get the most efficient service. And sometime they go for the outsourcing of this service from translation service provider companies. But if they need this service in a regular basis then they prefer to have their own internal team of professional business translators who can translate their everyday business letters, emails, press releases, annual or monthly sell reports, advertisements etc.
So the scope of performance is huge here. All you need to do as a translator is to know your specialty and select your zone of performance according to your expertise. The recent scenario of this field of translation and interpretation services clearly shows that this industry will be going too far and more and more talented people will be needed to supply the demand of this industry of translation service.

Language translators help you understand the world

Language translation means translating documents from one language into another. These documents could be a project report, medical report, user manuals, letters, faxes or any other paperwork. It could also involve website translation, where website is translated from one language say German into another language say French. In certain cases, website localization may also be involved. Here the website is customized to include nuances of the same language. E.g when translating a website in US English into UK English, words like favor and honor used in US English have to be converted in favour and honour in UK English. All this is achieved by using the services of expert language translators.

The rise in globalization saw an increase in demand for language translation services. To capitalize on this opportunity, many translation companies have entered this business. As a result, customers are highly benefited due to the competitive prices charged by these companies. However they also face the prospect of making a wrong choice of choosing the language translator. This is due to the fact that there are no standards considered as benchmarks of the service provided.

If you stay in Cambodia and you need a smooth communication through freelance translator and interpreter for your successful projects so please contact Phone: 011 684658/ 092 463670 with the specializations in social development, community development, project cycle management, project design, education, democracy, human rights dissemination, research methodology , capacity building, meeting, workshop and other documents. Services are English to Khmer and vice versa.

Translator and the Science of Translation
Translation is a bridge that has huge effect between nations on everyday life and draws on a wide range of languages, including Persian, German, Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish and English.This can range from the translation of key words of international treaty to the multilingual posters that welcome tourists to a hotels and small restaurants in a foreign country. Translation is both product and process. It is the analysis of source text(ST) and transferring the message to the target text (TT) with different structure, corpus, form , function, genre, register and discourse. From the teleological point of view, translation is a process of communication and to impart the knowledge of the original to the foreign reader.

Linguistically, translation can be described as a reading or substitution. It means the inventory linguistic symbols of l1 are replaced by the inventory linguistic symbols of l2. Differences in translation can generally be considered by different factors in translating such as following factors:

1. Place of translation if the place is neat, silent and appropriate for translating or not.

2. Time

3. The type of audience

4. The nature of the message

5. The purpose of the author

6. The translator's experience of translating different texts

7. The unit of translation which is considered by translators

8. The norms of translation and the range of censorship in translating that should be observed by translator in any society.

Translation studies are still to be found as a new emerging discipline. It has developed to such an extent which is a prefect interdisciplinary with host of other fields. the fields of Philosophy, linguistics, literary studies, history, medical sciences, art and language engineering interfacing with the new emerging discipline of Translation Studies. I believe in the realm of translation studies every translator should consider following concepts in translation which plays important role in translating.

1. The definition of translation as a whole.

2. Translation strategies which is stated by different theoreticians such as Baker, Munday, Toury, Holms ,Bassnet, Koller, Nida and so on.

3. The unit of translation (micro level or macro level)

4. Textregisters in translation

5. Ideology in translation

6. Norms in translation

7. Text, genre and discourse shifts in translation

8. Gender in translation

9. Agents of power in translation

10. The analysis of text

11. Translation and relevance

12. Machine translation

13. Colonialism and post colonialism

14. Translation equivalence (TE)

15. The rights of translators

16. Universals of translation

17. Translation shift

18. Translation evaluation scheme

19. Ethics in translation

20. Text type in translation (literary, scientific…)

Despite the English dominance globally, the need for translation continues to grow and the actual and virtual movement of peoples means that even previously monolingual societies are increasinglyadapting to the presence of other languages and cultures in their travels through internet or within their local community. Translation in information technology (IT) age was explored in the final unit. There are many exciting possibilities that will surely develop further in future years.

Contact hire a trusted freelance translator/ interpreter English to Khmer and vice versa within high code of ethics and confidentiality of clients based in Cambodia for your successful projects focused on Social Development. Mobile phone: 011 684658 and 092 463670