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Purpose and Vision of a Publisher

We seek for resolutions for the sustainable global development for humanity's sake in order to live together in harmony and regional peaceful co-existence fraternity. To succeed this, we have to work together including the efforts of the interactions of the government, private sectors, communities and non-profit organizations to work out interdependently. Thus transparent development programs, business development such as small businesses, human developments (EDUCATION),Peace Building and strategic operations will be harnessed.

My purpose is to encourage people from all nations to join forces together and enhance the lives of their fellow men. My motto is "peace, love, compassion, and mutual respect within human rights". We hope to pass our cherished and celebrated values to the soul of every human being in this world.

As the posts, we encourage people from all ages, genders, cultures, colors, religions and backgrounds to work together towards one goal: helping one another.

Welcome to my blog! This blog provides you the ideas, news and concepts in regards to self-development, social development and business concepts for success. The THREE MUST be linked all together. Literally as we have enough ability to serve our society with a rule of law, plus the economic private-owned business growth that is why we could even live on this earth peacefully. It is much appreciated of your comments on this blog. Thanks.Tell a friend this blog !