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Water Crisis

Consider how what nightmare it would be if one morning you turned on your tap and nothing comes out except for a frizzing noise, yes the thought is daunting isn't it ? Do you there are around 900 million of people all around world going through what you even can't dare to think!

The global water crisis has touched over 900 million people more or less mostly belonging to developing countries like east Africa and Central India, currently even US has a dire threat of water supply these days. So if you were able to get safe drinking water easily consider yourself truly blessed and do not waste it at any cost.

As we are lucky to have this blessing of getting safe drinking water easily, we often overlook water crisis that has hit people living in the developing countries the hardest. The number of those without clean drinking water as last tallied was 884 million, which is almost 3times the population of United State, is apparently hard to grasp.

To add insult to injury like everything else (including our economic, food, health and climate crises) a poor person has to suffer the most. According to the recent study, by United Nations (UN), a poor person living in a slum is likely to pay five to 10 times more for water than wealthy people living in the same city.

Moreover, women disproportionately affected because they are the ones responsible for getting water each day in most developing countries. In a story for National Geographic, Tina Rosenberg writes about Aylito, a 25-year-old woman who has to walk an hour each way to a dirty stream to collect water for her family — three times a day. There are millions of such stories about women working hours of difficult labor under dangerous conditions to get water for there family. is non profit organization and trying to help these women in need, by drilling deep wells and boreholes for easy access to clean drinking water so that they can live a happier and better life. Play your part in this kind deed and donate for Clean Drinking water :)

Bert - About the Author: is working as a non profit organization from USA. It helps by drilling wells and boreholes for those people they don't have access of clean drinking water and save their lives from water causes diseases.

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