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Want To Achieve Your Goals? Five Reasons Why You Need To Build Self Confidence Now

By Farouk J Roberts

Building self confidence without a doubt is essential to you achieving yours goal - whether personal, business, or family.

Five (5) Reasons Why Self Confidence Increases the Probability of the Success of your Goals:

1. Goals Are More Likely to be Completed

Ever felt like giving up before the end? Well building self confidence helps to avoid that.

When we believe in our abilities and that of our team, it gives us an extra boost of encouragement and will power to see that our goal is completed on time and as successful as possible. We are motivated and determined by the fact that we believe that we have the required talent and skill to get the job done or by the fact that we have access to the skills required. Without this assurance doubts will continue to pop up ever so often into our minds and sooner than later we will begin to believe those doubts even if they aren't factually true. This is the sad result when we allow doubts to take root into our minds. Therefore it is essential to continuously remind ourselves that we have what it takes.

2. Commitment Is Ensured

There is no greater regret than not knowing if we could have succeeded had we not given up midstream.

Confidence builds and sustains interest and loyalty in our goals. It spurs that internal voice that says "no matter what I am going to give my all." Surely there will be challenges that will come and there will be times when we just want to throw in the towel and give up, but if we ever hold onto believing in ourselves we quickly turn that idea of giving up completely around, and become even more determined to remain committed to the goal. Especially when we are dealing with a personal or business goal, there is an internal satisfaction that comes when we have battled these kind of thoughts and have won. The confidence of a champion says "come what may I am going to stick it out."

3. Confidence Spurs Creativity and Innovation

If you want to think outside the box, a sure way to get that done is to believe in yourself and in your team.

When we believe in ourselves, there is something that happens in our minds when we're faced with a challenge or a problem; we begin to see multiple ways of achieving our goal. We have to remember that life is not a one road street, it is filled with many paths just waiting to be explored. Doubting our abilities will stagnate our will and drive to put in the effort to think creatively - even if we're naturally creative. A songwriter would tell you that if they ever lacked the confidence in their talent to write a great song, any song that is created in that moment is not worth being heard by someone else. If we are to bring something fresh and new in our lives, we must believe in ourselves - it is the only way that we can allow our mind to sync with our talent on a whole new level. As a business person or as a family member, you owe it to yourself to entertain the new ideas that will come through confidence.

4. Our Full Potential Can be Seen

It is amazing what we can be achieved when we believe

Higher achievers have one important factor in common - they believe in themselves totally! Even if you are not a high achiever, think back to a time when you achieved something great and highlight the level of confidence you had. Research has shown that we normally do not rate ourselves on par with our true potential. We somehow always believe that we can only achieve less rather than more. This ideology has stifled many of us and definitely it has capped the level of the success of our goals. But as our confidence rises we will recognize that we are able to achieve more and more and better and better. Confidence stretches our minds concerning what we believe to be possible. Mankind has come so far in technology, definitely confidence played an important role. Imagine what you can achieve in your life with an extra dose of confidence.

5. A Positive Attitude is Encouraged

If you think you can you can - if you think you can't then you won't

Our attitude plays an important role when it comes to our goals, whether personal or otherwise. If your try to accomplish something great with a negative mindset you will fail or your level of success will be minimized significantly. No one likes a person with a bad attitude, so why should you be the one to have one? When confidence is absent a negative attitude thrives. When confidence is present a positive attitude thrives. What we believe to be true will ultimately become our lives. NO buts about it, if you do not believe in yourself or your goal, it makes no sense trying to accomplish it. We have to be honest with ourselves first then we have to deal head on with that negative attitude. It is okay when negative thoughts pop into our minds but it is not okay when we entertain them. Therefore ensure that you continue to build your self confidence and your team confidence, so that you can be certain that 99% of the time that a positive attitude will fuel and inspire the success of your goals.

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