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Top 10 Key Elements Of A Good Manager

Being a manager is about more than just giving out orders and telling people what to do. Effective managers know how to lead by example. While a manager is highly knowledgeable about the industry in which they work; that doesn't necessarily mean they are a good manager.

If you own a business and are looking to hire a manager you want to be sure that you put someone in the position that leads your team efficiently and effectively. A strong team enhanced by an even stronger leader can greatly increase your bottom line. In order to be an effective manager you need to remember the following:

1-Good Communication – Having good communication skills is vital to being a successful manager. If you can't communicate your needs and expectations to your staff then you've lost the battle before you even begin. A good manager must be specific in what they want and be able to talk to their team in an effective manner that will get results.
2-Industry Knowledge – A good manager must know the industry that they are working in. You can't lead others or delegate to them if you don't know the industry in which you work. You have to know that they are doing the job properly.
3-Good Organizational Skills – A good manager must be highly organized and detail oriented. They need to be able to manage their time effectively. In addition they need to be able to prioritize tasks so that the most important things get completed first.
4-Strong Team Building Skills – A good leader needs to know how motivate and inspire their teams. A good manager knows when to praise, when to reprimand and how to reprimand and how to inspire them to achieve more than even they may realize they can achieve.
5-Excellent Customer Service Skills – A good manager needs to know how to work with the public. They need to be able to handle customers who may be upset with a product or service. A good manager knows how to de-escalate a situation and get it under control quickly while still maintaining the trust of the customer and keeping the integrity of the company intact.
6-Self-Motivation – A good manager is able to motivate themselves and work independently. They don't need someone looking over their shoulder, telling them what to do every minute of the day. They can set goals for themselves and achieve them.
7-Trustworthy – A good manager is trustworthy. They can be relied on to get the job done and are seen as someone who is very dependable. They don't need constant supervision because even when no one is around they are trusted enough to know what they need to do and to get it done.
8-Conflict-Resolution – A good manager has excellent conflict resolution skills. If a situation arises they have the skillset to defuse the situation. These situations can be volatile if not handled properly and quickly.
9-Able to Accept and Promote Change – Change is hard for a lot of people. Some people just don't deal with change well. A good manager needs to handle change well and be able to foster the ability to accept the change in his team members. With a good manager in place change can be easier to accept by everyone around them.
10-Dedication – A good manager is dedicated to their position, their company and the people they work with. They believe in what they are doing. Dedication can foster a strong sense of "team" amongst the staff.

Being a good manager is about more than just having a title. It's about more than just dictating each and every day to those around you. A good manager needs to be multi-faceted. They can blend easily into almost any work environment. A good manager has many parts to them. They can take those parts and blend them to benefit the task at hand and the company over all.

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  1. Super outline! The best managers are the ones who can blend all of these 10 things evenly and can adapt to various situations.

    Gena F | Vantaggio HR

  2. Gena's right, as a manager you have to be good at pretty much everything to coordinate things well enough, sometimes you even have to be a psychologist to your team! I support myself with my dynamics 365 for operations software - check it out now!