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Take Advantage Mobile Media Industry's Booming Economy

By Maria Lumayag Raygon

Today, Mobile has the widest margin in marketing, because most of major digital technologies are going to mobile – news, television, gaming, advertising, music – and even financial businesses like banking and credit card. And I think this is the strongest industry now and we've just begun.

How many ‘unique' user accounts? There are 3.7 billion people. It is already over half of the total population of the planet – and considering most of the planet lives in very poor condition, still mobile phones are used by a very wide margin and the it is the most widely spread technology on the planet. Yes, 54% of all people alive on the planet have a mobile phone.

When we speak of mobile, first thing comes to our mind are SMS, and that's where you and I can earn our fortune. For me SMS is a stronger medium than internet, because of the number of people using it, marketing is much stronger and stable.

Mobile media industry are booming right now and taking its toll in marketing world. Big businesses are taking advantage of it, banks has mobile banking; restaurants, 5 star hotels and fast foods uses the power of mobile media industry in its fullest. Who says small business owner can't do the same? Let me tell you it's not impossible!

I've been struggling on how to make my business reach out to people without me spending my fortune, have talked with different business coach and still having the hard time to decide because of my financial instability. Then I met Steven David Munson, from that very moment of talking and hearing his system makes me literally fall my jaw out, he's talking of big opportunities for a small-time entrepreneur like me, plus the factor of him being a trustworthy and passionate person to help struggling businesses like mine. I decided to take the biggest step in our business life.

I once think Facebook is ‘important' and ‘popular' – well he made opened my mind, SMS text messaging is only seven … yes seven (!) times bigger than Facebook. You like Twitter? SMS is 21 times bigger than Twitter! And is SMS ‘slowing down'? No. The world's most widely used data application grew users by 17% in just one year! Did the traffic grow? You betcha! Try 24% in just one year! And what of SMS revenues you ask? Well, SMS hit revenue levels of 120 Billion dollars in 2010, which is a growth rate of 6% from the level in 2009. Do not for one moment think SMS will go away any time soon.

For more information about Stephen Munson's system you can check out his blog, you'll surely be amaze of what mobile media industry can do to you. Taste what I've been enjoying right now, go on take a bite.

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