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An overview of Stress

By bobpietersz

Every day in our lives, there are factors and events that can be stressful. We are constantly surrounded by stressors. In this chapter you will learn more about stress. This gives you a deeper understanding of this issue.

➢ What does it mean to be stressed?

➢ How is stress caused?

➢ How do I know I am stressed?

If you are constantly sick, unhappy or frustrated, it may be that you are stressed. Stress can occur even when you least expect it. In view of this issue will help to prevent stress or eliminate from your life.


Life is so full of ups and downs that it is very difficult for a person to always be happy. There are events or conditions that could cause that one feels to be overwhelmed or in the stress hits. All areas of life lies potential for stress. However, it is true that not all of stress is poor. There is also good stress. It helps those motivated and better prepared to effectively deal with various tasks.

Stress can easily occur if a person pushes himself too much. It does not matter if this person mentally or physically doing. The strain can lead to unhappiness and / or overwhelmed by responsibilities. People who do not get enough rest by certain factors are probably stressed.

You have too much push can lead to a breaking point in the stress.

To avoid getting overwhelmed by stress, you must learn to recognize the symptoms that you have to alerts that you can get the stress. These symptoms will warn you, so you can take action to alleviate stress in your life. You should also learn how stress occurs. This will help you how you can avoid stressful situations. There are many people who live with stress and they have come to a point to accept as the norm. However, this is very dangerous. Stress can have strong negative impact on their quality of life.

Understanding stress

Stress signals are normally sent to the brains through the nervous system. These signals may be as a result of a stressor, such as anxiety or self-danger. These stress signals warn the brains that something is wrong. These signals are then passed on, or hormones to the body. They will present themselves in the form of high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and breathing, tightness of muscles and increased alertness.

Stress can easily arrive at any time. Sometimes you can not even when a stressor to happen. For example, when receiving bad news, like the death of a loved one can be very stressful. This can occur unexpectedly and ensure that your direct experience acute stress.

This is the way the body reacts to an event. You yourself also might see a threat in making you stressed out. The threat might be real or not real. Anyway, your body responds to it of course, to tell you that something is wrong. This is usually referred to as the stress response.

The stress response is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it helps a person to remain optimistic about life. It can also help a person get motivated, so the person gives his or her best performance in a particular task. It can also help a person to activate their defense in case of danger. For example if the person is attacked, the person will be able to respond faster and thus as soon as possible could come close to the attacker. This only happens if it works well. Negative stress response does the opposite. It can be a person very down and make you feel overwhelmed by life.

You should always keep your stress level under control. If you let stress overwhelm you then this can certainly be dangerous. Sometimes stress in your life without you even realizing. You will then just be aware when things get out of hand. In other cases it can come into your life and without realizing it you accept that it is part of your daily routine. This is how people end up living with chronic stress throughout their lives.

General reactions to stress

Stress can drive someone to the brink. There are people who are very angry response to stress. They will feel very frustrated to the point that they have nothing else to be angry. This affects how they relate to their family and even their friends and colleagues. These people are very touchy and sensitive. They will have a very strong emotional reaction with even a little provocation.

One of the most common reactions to stress rages.

There are also people who react to stress by becoming completely withdraw. This is sometimes referred to as "feeling down". This person will no longer enthusiastic about all things in his or her life.

They can even stop the things they previously enjoyed. Such a person can be sad or gloomy. They will not open up to talk about their problems. Instead, they may in fact alienate themselves from other people.

Other people respond to stress apparently very calm on the surface. She may seem quiet and do nothing else unusual. However, inside there is no rest. This is a combination of the above two reactions. They cut themselves off while they experience turbulence. Inside they can be restless, although not shown in their actions.

Psychological symptoms

These can include forgetfulness. It may also be the inability to focus on a particular task, even though it is for a short period of time. A person can also lead to irrational judgments or come to make bad choices in life. This can happen to people who normally pretty sober. A person can also still worrying and sad look. They have a very negative attitude and pessimistic about life. This person will also constantly in his thoughts. The mind does not get much rest by grinding thoughts again and again by his or her head.

Emotional symptoms

Stress also affects the emotions. They can start with regularly changing moods, easily angered and very irritable. They can also continuously agitated and non-relaxed. A person will feel overwhelmed by life and by his responsibilities. This person may also feel lonely, even if it is not. They will also feel that other people are alienated. A stressed person is very unhappy. They also have a great chance to be depressed.

Constantly irritated may also be a symptom that you are stressed.

Physical symptoms

Stress usually requires a toll on the body of the person. Some of the expected physical symptoms are occasional or chronic aches and pains. It can also lead to frequent colds. A person may also suffer from constipation and diarrhea. They are also likely to experience dizziness and nausea. Stress can also make the heart beat faster and makes sure that the person may suffer from chest pain. Stress makes a person lose interest in sex.

Behavioral symptoms

Stress makes sure that changes take place in the behavior of a person. It may make them more or less appetite gain. It can also cause insomnia, although other people tend to sleep a lot of stress. A person may consciously or unconsciously to isolate themselves from others. Stress can cause a person neglects his or her responsibilities at work or even at home.

A person can also turn to drugs, alcohol or cigarette smoking as an escape strategy. Stress can also cause nervousness and anxiety. This ensures that a person can be paranoid, or is not able to sit.

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