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Importance of Laughter

By Irene Crimmins

We've all heard that laughter is great medicine for the soul. In this world there is so much pain and sorrow if we didn't have the gift of laughter how would we endure? We all need to be able to find things to laugh about. Some people who have suffered the greatest are the very same people who know how to laugh and make you laugh. How do they do this? Well, they look for the happiness in every situation. For instance, they just know how to find something funny even in the places where most people can't look. They have learned how to put into proper perspective all situations and circumstances. They can see beyond the current circumstances and know that the outcome is going to be beautiful.

As humans we have many struggles and battles to win. Some people cannot see beyond their pain and have lost the ability to laugh. This lack of ability to find something funny to laugh about creates more pain. You may ask, how can you laugh when you are suffering or those whom you love dearly are suffering. Well, let me give you a few examples. Suppose you lose your job and you never enjoyed it even one bit in the first place. You may feel anger and frustration or be afraid because you have no finances to back you up, but you can still laugh because now you are free from such an oppression environment. You are now forced to pursue a new job. Maybe you can even find one that will bring you some happiness. Let yourself laugh because your future is going to be better than your past.

Some ways to give yourself a good laugh is by remembering funny things from your past. It could be a time when you enjoyed the great sense of humor of a family member or friend. Instead of focusing on memories that hurt you focus on the good memories and you will begin to smile and laugh. Another great way to make yourself laugh is to enjoy a funny movie or even read a funny book. Comediennes use life situations in a humorous way to make us laugh. You can do the same for yourself.

Did you every experience a time when you and a friend or family member are so tired from a day of hard work and something that would normally not have you explode with laughter suddenly becomes hysterically funny? You laugh so hard your belly aches but you feel good. This is a great way to relieve stress. It doesn't happen often but when it does it's such a great feeling. These times also give you some good memories which you can call upon when you feel sad.

If you haven't experienced any of the above in your life you may want to start by observing people who seem to be laughing. Try spending some free time with some of these people and you might learn how to laugh a little too. In time, it will become easier for you to laugh. You may laugh so hard that you make others laugh too. We all need the medicine of laughter for our souls.

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