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What Is Self Discipline?

I am always curious to learn more from successful people. How do I learn from them? I talk to them and try to figure out why they are successful. If the opportunity permits, I observe how they do things.

I realize one thing about them. They have self-discipline. In other words, they have their own set of rules and they do things according to their rules.

What do I mean by self-discipline? Let look at the below example: A person who is employed is required to start work at 8.30am in the morning. He will need to do so because his employer will punish him if he is late or he did not turn up for work. Thus there is this rule that keeps a person to report to work punctually.

Now, what if this rule is removed? Will that person still report to work punctually? Will that person always turn up for work? Once the rule is removed, a person without self-discipline will not turn up for work punctually. He may not even turn up for work sometime.

In the case of a self-disciplined person, he will still turn up for work punctually and as per normal. Even though the employer's rule does not exist, his own set of rules exists. And one of his rules must be "To be punctual for work"

Since we have understood what is the meaning of self-discipline, the next step is to find out what are the rules of successful people. These are some of the rules that I have found out so far:

They work hard. They will start work early in the morning and work more than the usual office hours.

They work smart. They always try to figure out a way to do things more efficiently.

They are always keen to learn new things. By learning new things, they are able to improve themselves and apply their new knowledge to practical use.

They love what they are doing. They are passionate of about their works. To them, work is play and they are having a lot of fun.

They never give up easily. When they encountered obstacles, they think about how to overcome the obstacles instead of giving up in despair.

They are optimistic. Even if things do not go well for them, they are still remain positive and optimistic

The weekly idea that I will like to share with you: Be self discipline by creating your own rules!

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