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Empowering Ways to Remember a Person's Name After Introduction

Have you ever got yourself caught in an awkward position of forgetting someone's name, right at the most inappropriate time? This is indeed an embarrassing and common instances that happened to all of us, isn't it? Remembering a person's name is not only to save you out from this situation, but also showing respect to the other party. Despite the importance, we are always giving excuses for forgetting the names, for example, "I have a bad memory", "I am so busy, waste my time to remember". In fact everyone can mastered this "feat" by following some basic principles and practice them everyday.

1. Be Genuine and Sincere

The most essential part of remembering people name is to have a genuine heart to know them. With this important factor embedded, it will motivate you to commit in remembering the name of whom you met or being introduced to. It is just like achieving anything in life, if you are committed and passionate, you will eventually become successful.

2. Repetition helps in remembering the name

During introduction, we tend to impress others by speaking non-stop, but in the end, the name of the other party seems to be missing in your head and we can totally forget about it. In order to overcome this, we can employ this "Repeat,Repeat and Repeat" technique in our conversation. We can start by repeating name in conversation like greeting like, "Nice to meet you, Robin", or throughout the conversation like, "What do you think about this proposal? Robin" and etc. It will also be helpful if you can introduce the person to others as you can keep repeating the name and also expand your social circle.

3. Association

Be more observant to recognize unique facial appearance in order to associate it with the name. This method will help you build a deeper impression in the person. You can even find words that rhyme with the name or unforgettable cartoon characters, like "Alice in the wonderland", "Bob, the Bobdog" and anything that you can think of.

4. Taking Notes is better than good memory

Of course, the most bullet-proof method is to take down the name in your notebook and practice it till it got deep into your mind.

5. Be an active listener and clarify

We should be attentive and listen for the names during introduction. In additional, we should also clarify any doubts on the name, for example, if the name sound like "Chris", you might want to confirm the spelling, whether it is "Chris" or "Kris".

6. Ask for name card

In a business meeting, it will be useful for you to ask for a name card that will make it easier to remember the name. Do not just put the name card into your pocket, you should read the name card and thank the person for it.

By learning to remember names, it helps to create a rapport and dissolve any barriers, so do take an effort and change your attitude to master these techniques.

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